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An audio interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek about the Blue School Teachings

The Blue School Teachings

It is no secret that there is a “center” to us some may call spirit, soul or heart. In this center is the source of what truly makes us who we are. At times when we lose the connection to that voice we may allow ourselves to move in a direction that is tangent to our center. It is in those moments that we find ourselves out of alignment. The feelings we experience may manifest as: anxiety, stress, helplessness, anger, fear, uneasiness and others. Our energy and sense of who we are seems unclear and we sometime struggle to find ourselves again and regain peace. It is common in our busy world for years to go by while we live in this unstable state. During those extended times we continue to endure the resulting negative feelings associated with losing that important connection.

Blue School Traditions teach us that a direct access to what lies at our center and in our heart can be accessed through the imagery one 'receives' during the act of inner gazing. Hints of this truth surface in Biblical descriptions of the 'visions' of the prophets, such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Elijah, and Enoch - and the 'dreams' of the patriarchs, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, along with the revelatory experiences of Moses, Jonah, and Samuel, also indicate that for the ancients, the most prevalent form of communion with the Divine did not involve the Left Brain at all, but was rather a Right Brain visionary process. The Blue School teaches that the point of creation is the place from which we see from within. Imagery is a global language which bridges culture much in the same way as musical notes.

The Blue School will teach you to return to this place of creation and to remember the language as the embodied gift you carry within. The guided exercises give people instant and authentic access to the voice they so often disregard or loose touch with. By its pictorial nature, guided imagery transcends language and conceptual understanding making the processes so accessible that even the youngest of children have great success. In fact it is the pure childlike imagination and ability to visualize that is the framework for these powerful exercises.

Workshops are a guided experience where you will have an extraordinary opportunity to connect with your heart. You will be guided to create balance and peace on a daily basis. Blue School experiences give you the tools to live your best life by uniting you with your highest self.